Can-Am Vinyl LP Storage Cabinets
LPCAB29 - A Browser Style 2-Drawer Vinyl LP Storage Cabinet

LPCAB29 holds 560 LPs

It is compatible with all standard width Can-Am cabinets but we do not recommend it on wheels.


Weight: 95 lb
Cabinet Dimension:
37.75" W x 29" H x 20" D
Inside Drawer:
33.5" W x 13" H x 16.5" D
LP Capacity: 560 Vinyl LPs
18 & 22 ga cold rolled steel
Finish: Baked on powder coat


Price:  $650. Plus Shipping

How Does LPCAB29 Stack Up?

LPCAB29 is sized like our CABDR29. It is also the same height as any two 14" high cabinets stacked. That is useful in designing configurations where you want to reach a common height.

Stack LPCAB29 two high

LPCAB42 - A Browser Style 3-Drawer Vinyl Cabinet

LPCAB42 holds 840 LPs

It is the same width as all standard width Can-Am cabinets but we do not recommend it being stacked or on wheels.


Weight: 135 lb
Cabinet Dimension:
37.75" W x 42.25" H x 20" D
Inside Drawer:
33.5 W x 13 H x 16.5 D
LP Capacity: 840 Vinyl LPs
18 & 22 ga cold rolled steel
Finish: Baked on powder coat


Price:  $895. Plus Shipping

Dust-Free And Secure.

Can-Am vinyl storage cabinets feature a lock for safety and security. The cabinets are equiped with an interlocking mechanism that allows only one drawer to open at a time.

Eco Friendly As Well.

Can-Am cabinets are made of steel. Nothing is stronger or more durable and since steel is completely recyclable your cabinets will never end up in a landfill. The rich powder coat finish is also VOC free and hypoallergenic. That means no gases emanating from your cabinetry.

Can-Am cabinets are available in a wide range of modules so get out your wish list and design your dream media center. You could be enjoying it in as little as two to three weeks.

Built To Last. From One Generation To Another.

Something Old Is New Again

Can-Am Cabinets Are Available in 18 Colors To Match Any Decor

Cabinet Colors

Click For Details Click a small Cabinet picture
to view the
larger version

brown hunter green
Hunter Green
beige red
Beige Director Red
antique white white gloss white fog gray The perfect complement to silver or brushed aluminum components Contemporary looking raw steel - with a high gloss finish Black Gloss Textured, our closest finish to 'Leather Textured'
Antique White White Gloss White Satin Fog Gray Metallic
Silver Satin
Steel Gloss
Black Gloss
teal blue navy blue steel blue plum storm gray charcoal black
Teal Blue Navy Blue Steel Blue Plum Storm Gray Charcoal Gray Black Satin

Colors are not always represented accurately on your computer screen. Feel free to request color samples and we'll send out actual powder coated metal samples. Can-Am cabinets are available with or without locks.

What Makes Can-Am Cabinets So Special?

Can-Am cabinets are built to last and designed to grow with you. With thirty-eight modules in our offering and tons of accessories, there is no limit to the configurations you can design. And when you move, these cabinets can be reconfigured to move with you.

And relax. When you're ready to add to your cabinets we'll be here. Can-Am has been around since 1979 and we're not going anywhere. We have over 10,000 clients around the world who believe this is their cloud.

Pictured here is  LPCAB29 on top of a 2-drawer CD cabinet MC2D14. The setup is topped off with a metal top MTOP40.

Go Gonfigure

Can-Am Vinyl LP Storage Cabinets

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